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Harper's Seafood History

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     The Harper family has been in the seafood business since the early 1960's. Housed at the old ice plant, Wayne Harper founded the company on hard work and long hours. He would drive to south Florida in a two ton truck twice a week to buy fish. He would then sell the fish around South Georgia using a pickup truck and a one ton truck.

     Wayne's son, Junior, while in high school, helped on Saturdays and during the summers. The business grew and prospered and a new building was opened on West Jackson Street. Junior graduated in 1970, and joined the Marines. Wayne leased the company out during those four years.  Upon Junior's return, the two men reopened at the current location. During the next eight years the company grew and became more successful.

     Tragedy struck in 1983 when Wayne died unexpectedly, leaving the operation of the company in Junior's hands. He rose to the occasion and Harper's Seafood grew by leaps and bounds. Because the wholesale business was tripling in size, and a new frozen seafood line was added, little time was given to the retail side of the company and it was leased to several different individuals.  Junior soon had trucks delivering seafood throughout Georgia, Florida, and into Alabama.

     The Harper's are passionate about supplying the freshest and most desirable seafood available. Junior owned the company from the 80's until 2015.

     In April of 2015, the company was sold to Junior's son, Hunter. Three generations later, the company is still managed by the same basic principles. Buy the best seafood we can and deliver it as quickly as possible.

     Hunter has always dreamed of opening an upscale retail seafood market as well as managing the wholesale part of the company.  Thus, Harper's Seafood Fresh Market is the beginning of a new era in seafood for the Harper family and for Thomasville, Georgia.